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September 18: Announcing our new weekly radio show called Spotlight Values: A look at What Makes us Shine hosted by the Brahma Kumairs and dedicated to the UN International Year of Youth.  Tune into WEE Radio 87.7 FM sponsored by MGN Funding.
The Brahma Kumaris is dedicated to the development of a new story – one that reflects the empowerment of every individual to manifest his or her purest self on the core principles of peace, non-violence, tolerance, and dignity.
It is a simple 3 step process which invites individuals between the ages of 13 to 35 to experiment with values.  The 3 step process is:  Explore, Express, and Exchange.  A particular value is chosen to explore and express the ways in which it applies to practical daily living. Participants are then invited to exchange their experiences through story telling.
This month we are exploring the value of peace, as September 21st (next Tuesday) is he UN International Day of Peace (IDP).  To explain how the Spotlight Values Process works, today we spotlighted three very interesting individuals representing the three age groups:  Dhashaini Nadarajah a 27 year old fourth year medical school student from St. George’s University, West Indies (young leaders), Shashank Mittal a 20 year old student at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan (young adults); and Antoinette Hemlall a 13 year old attending H Frank Carey High school in Queens, New York (Teens).
Each chose a favorite song which represented some of what peace meant to them in their busy and sometimes challenging young lives and then shared their stories.
The segment, Spotlight Focus features news from around the world, this week the focus was the youth festival in Lima Peru; the UN International Day of Peace, and the UN Department of Public Information and Non Governmental (DPI/NGO) Conference in Melbourne Australia.  23 year old Kim Wainer’s experience of being a Brahma Kumaris UN Youth delegate at this conference was shared with the listeners.
Spotlight Values invites the young generation (13-35) to create this story together.  Join us every Saturday morning from 8:00AM to 9:00AM on WEE Radio 87.7 FM.  Watch out for Spotlight Values on the internet – we will keep you posted.
Let the best in you shine and be inspired by the brilliance in others.  Exchange your pioneering insights and discoveries with others by posting them online on the Spotlight Values Blog (

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