Spotlight Values celebrating International Day of Non-Violence and the Heroes of Non-Violence


On Tuesday Oct 12, Spotlight Values celebrated the International Day of Non-Violence and the heroes of non-violence at the Meditation Center and Gallery, New York City.  Young Adults and Professionals were welcomed with light refreshments and soft background music as they enter the café, allowing them to mingle and get acquainted.  Following the meet & greet, was an interactive process on exploring, expressing and exchanging experiences on the value of  Non-Violence. The Spotlight Values project was introduced to the participants and a brief Q&A on what non-violence means to them set the tone for the evening. This led right into the presentation of Ela Gandhi’s message on non-violence. Immediately following this, the participants were led into exploring the value of non-violence in silence and had conversations in smaller groups of four. This proved to be very successful as the youths seemed to enjoy expressing and exchanging their perspectives amongst each other. 
Yuritzi and Elizabeth performed a beautiful dance giving an artistic expression to the value of non-violence. The dance was a reflection of the ability to allow flow, flexibility and non-resistance whilst being intertwined with each other.
We regrouped for another phase of the initial activity where we experienced the value of non-violence in our personal lives.  The evening capped off with everyone coming together to explore the idea of non-violence through art.  Everyone was asked to join in creating a mural that visually expressed non-violence. Followed by exchanging our thoughts, feelings and stories behind our expressive pieces with everyone.
Finally, we signed the commitment cards for the month, making a commitment to observe non-violence in a particular situation or person. And also explored ways we could help in promoting the project in our community.

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  1. Saurabh Gupta says:

    Nice picture of the dance :) would love to watch if someone has recorded it… thanks !

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