Spotlight Values Cafe in Cinnaminson, New Jersey


On Saturday Oct 23, 15 – 20 young adults and professionals joined the Spotlight Values Café to honor the UN International Day of Non-Violence at Cinnaminson, New Jersey. The participants had rich conversations on the value of Non-Violence. The exploration on Non-Violence was very powerful because we had conversations on one of the current violent issues of bullying and what qualities and attitude will help in resolving this. We expressed our explorations and reflections on non-violence in the form of Haiku and Mural. Each one of us signed the commitment card to practice the value in a particular situation or with a person for a month and shared our commitments in one word.

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3 Responses to Spotlight Values Cafe in Cinnaminson, New Jersey

  1. Saurabh Gupta says:

    Great ! Can you please share some of the one word commitments… and also some of the proposed solutions to resolve the problem of bullying… would love to hear… thanks !

    • Spotlight Values says:

      The participants were sharing commitments like letting go, having patience, being a detached observer etc. Here are some of the solutions they came up for resolving bullying:
      Not to see defects in others because finding defects in others is like seeing my own reflection in others.
      Not judging and just allowing people to be what they are..
      Everyone’s lives are already occupied with one or the other problem to solve and so I should’nt be another one to cause sorrow or obstacle in other’s life.

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