Spotlight Values Cafe at Global Harmony House, New York


On November 7th 2010, a Spotlight Values Café was held in Global Harmony House, where the some of the youth of today learned about Spotlight Values as well as explored the value of tolerance.  About 25 youth walked into a warm, comforting room where they enjoyed some snacks and then were shown what Spotlight Values was. They then dove into the process of explore, express, and exchange by doing some enjoyable and interesting activities. For explore, the young adults and professionals discovered their own meaning of tolerance by thinking and talking about these questions:

We all have had moments when we took the opportunity to treat another person right, even if it wasn’t easy or convenient to do so.  Think of a time when your power of tolerance increased through love and care for that person?  How did you feel about yourself when you deeply cared about another person?  What response did your actions bring?

The teens also explored tolerance by taking a look at these questions:

What is tolerance?  How can you use it?  There are always moments when another person is being bothersome so, how can we be kind to that person and maybe use tolerance?By using tolerance are we letting people step on us or, are we being strong and confronting our challenges in the right way?

What’s so important about tolerance? Does it make us a better person?

Once they had a good time exploring, they started to express tolerance by doing a very creative and interactive activity. Each person was given an item such as a spoon, toy, pen, etc. They then got into groups and came up with a story, related to the item that expresses a value, or in this case tolerance. Finally, they were given the chance to share the story they came up with to everyone.  – by Antoinette, NY, USA

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One Response to Spotlight Values Cafe at Global Harmony House, New York

  1. Saurabh Gupta says:

    Can feel the positive vibes from the pictures… thanks for sharing !
    To me, tolerance is like the suspension system in a car. It absorbs the shocks of situations and people, and makes the journey of life light and easy…

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