A Letter from Daniela


Dearest Baba,

I am writing to you to tell you about the past seven, incredible days I’ve had. These seven days were spent in Your introduction and an inward eye-opening experience to my truest soul self, and my most genuine calling. I am so excited to now be part of the BK family.

Last year I met sweet Sister La with my father at the Bangkok Center. She was so generous and soft, I felt an immediate connection to her and thought about the information and loving vibrations she sent all throughout my last year of University in
New York. After finishing my undergraduate degree in psychology and the first semester of my Masters in Expressive Arts Education, I felt a strong pull to return to Bangkok and
to find an Eastern practice that may help me hear how I am meant to serve my purpose.
I left 2.5 months open in my material schedule to allow my spiritual schedule to emerge. The adventurous mystery of life unfolds in such perfect ways! I immediately contacted Sr. La and came to the center. I knew this is the reason why I was meant to come. Each moment spent in the presence of the BK family’s beautiful spiritual way pointed me towards a truth I have known for a long time and provided me with the words or philosophy that has, so far, given me a comfy blanket to cope and thrive in
the unpredictability of human-hood. Learning to see Baba as my Truest and most compassionate Father allowed me to see my biological dad as a soul brother.
This allowed me to shed some soul light onto him and become more free from painful emotional reaction to his angry. I started to understand how I have the capacity to be like an abundant tree of tolerance. I found the BK knowledge to be a container for information I already know is True. I caringly zoomed through “The Book of Immortality” and hopped on a bus to ChiangMai to meet Sr. La to continue our lessons.

Our intention was to go to a local high school to share BK wisdom in honor of the UN youth leadership year. Sr. La wanted me to play a part, and be a foreign angelic figure sharing star insight with the youth. The plan was to place star stickers on the teenager’s foreheads and hand them out colored information about virtues such as cooperation.
I had no idea what to expect. I panicked about what to wear: I don’t have formal white clothing! I tried to remind myself about how it doesn’t matter, my soul is dressed in
a beautiful white light and wasting my energy concerned with body conscious clothing is irrelevant. When Sr. La handed me a big, light blue dress and orange scarf with a big smile on her face, the real relief came. It felt like both a performative and genuinely respectful way to honor and carry the colors of youth. I felt honored to be part of the
BK facilitation family. Sr. La was a beaming white light resonating through the hall teeming with 400 teens. I sang “twinkle twinkle little star” with her, and shared with them what I think it means to be youthful. I said it has to do with a deep curiosity to learn and to grow and to become the best me possible. It is such an exciting time! We showed
the kids sweet animated films about friendship, the soul, coming from the stars, and played snakes and ladders and a star-virtue game. The kids were so cooperative and respectful. I only wish I had something similar presented to me in high school. It is such
a transitional and confusing time, every opportunity shapes and informs our continually emerging reality. I ended each workshop with a spontaneous movement/sound exercise. Each movement is symbolic—waving our arms like angels, rubbing our hands to excite the energy of our bodily vehicle, breathing, screaming and shushing—I felt really in my place to be guiding these teens whom I do not know and I do not linguistically understand yet whom I am really starting to see as fresh souls simply wanting to laugh, love themselves and be filled with positive vibrations. Well, they were the ones who sent positive vibrations! My mouth hurt from all the soul smiling J

I spent the next few days in intensive lesson time and love with the BK family,
we stayed at the BK retreat place, went to flower and strawberry gardens and many hours of bus ride while adamantly learning Your incredibly Real knowledge from an incredibly worthy translator, Sr. La. Everything became more clear, liberating and scary.
I said hello and goodbye to my current body, my most beloved partner in crime in a way that relieved me in honest truth. I was never really afraid of dying before and now I know why. It’s because I always saw myself as a soul, but never knew that’s who I actually am.
I never knew how to call myself. Other people have to know this. It’s so obvious and
so inaccessible without a trusted community pointing the way.

I felt inspired and enlivened to be in the presence of other souls who know they are souls. The family brings me to a place in myself that I know, love and respect. Being with the family makes me want to truly be the best soul I can be in this precious body I get to temporarily inhabit. I want my body and intellect to be strong and healthy so I can share this with others. I have always known that I want to spread wisdom and to be the leader.
I am born to be. But I wasn’t sure exactly what wisdom I wanted to share—women’s rights, racism awareness, nutrition? Now I realized that the underpinnings of all my interests is awakening to our beautiful light Soul and shedding our imprisoning relationship to the body. I was born with such blessings like a loving family with amazingly creative opportunities that I must have and I know that I want to make the most of my purpose, but I didn’t know what that is until I came here I am starting to realize that this is the wisdom I want to spread. I want to meet other BK family members all over the world,
and I want to bring the many body-conscious and individuals with soul-awakening potential together. I want to create centers, I want to uplift people’s souls through movement, knowledge sharing, community building, song, art making, playing, story-telling. As the chaos rapidly unfolds, I know that I want to show people how they can
be relieved from as much suffering as possible. I know that only You, Baba, can show me how I am meant to do this, how I am meant to be a vehicle. I open my eyes, ears, heart, and truest soul self to you! I want to be pure and strong, I want to continue fulfilling my role with as much love and enthusiasm as I have in my bodily capacity. I want to come Home.

Sr. La has shared so much with me— her precious time and compassionate attention— and the BK family in Chiang Mai and Bangkok have extended their most purest selves to me in a way that inspires me to no end. I want to be of service to humanity and I am almost positive this BK route is something for me. I am still a newbie with the meditation, and letting go of ego, lust, anger, and greed will be big challenges. But if I want to help anyone, I must help myself first and I think you, dearest Baba Love, are my true calling.
I know you can show me how I am meant to serve humanity best and help bring Heaven on Earth. I know we don’t have so much time left in this old world, so now that I have graduated from the BK World Spiritual University, I want to put knowledge into action.

Sr. La is going to India in early February to visit the BK family. I have always felt a strong pull to India, but waited for the “right” time. Now, I know that going to Madhuban is my dream. I want nothing more in life right now than to be surrounded by loving souls who want to spread peace to the world. I know that I have to have been pure for eight months in order to meet Baba and I am only a new student so this is not possible. However, I have many wise BK new year’s resolutions, and so one day I hope I will have the honored opportunity to be in his presence. Until then, I kindly request that I may participate as a student at the center for the first two weeks of February. This is the most perfect window of opportunity at this stage in my life. I crave the direction and connection that will give me the know-how to use all these incredible tools I am blessed with to serve Baba’s wishes in the purest way possible.

After February, life’s path is very undetermined. I feel I have been connected to Baba before, but never knew what word-titles to un-proportionately put on Him. Now I do. Now I have found a loving container for these feelings and knowledge to be shared.
I want to take this wisdom and be the best me possible, and of the most loving kind service to the world. I now know that I have You, my Real Supreme Dad! Forgive me
if my words are different than the other BK family members, but I don’t think you mind because you know what I feel. I love thinking with you in the morning and evening,
and how you want all your children to be loved. I want to come home to your Ocean of Love. I want to be a wonderful daughter to you. If I could come to India now, that would be incredible. Then New York, then…who knows! My path is in your loving hands….and that is so cool! J

Sorry if my letter is too long, I have so much to share.

In utter gratitude, respect, and love,

Sister Daniela PLattner

Ps- I’ve always wanted sisters and brothers! Yay!

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