Personal experience at Om Cafe on the 5th December 2010


I am glad to have had an opportunity to share my thoughts on values with our brothers and sisters on behalf of the youth at Om Cafe. A value that I selected was “harmony”, which I think consists of many important values such as love, generosity, and acceptance. Those values are essential to create peace and happiness in this era where people tend to compete with each other and forget that we are actually brothers and sisters and have to cooperate to create good things in the world. We are in need of harmony to successfully complete our tasks.

I also had a chance to hear other people’s thoughts on spotlight values. Their thoughts made me understand that we have to have different values while confronting different situations. All the values that we have will help us to overcome obstacles, experience true happiness, and finally be able to give happiness to others. The world needs these values from all of us, the youth, to be a collective power that can change the world back to a place of peace and happiness once again.
I would like to thank the Brahma Kumaris family for this precious opportunity. With you I find love and warmth that cannot be found anywhere else.

- Panitnart Rojanabenjawong (Mimi) 25 years old /Young Leader

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