Qualities of LOVE


Explore: Part of re-defining love for myself is understanding what love is made of. I know intuitively that love has certain characteristics. Today, can I solve love’s mystery by identifying 10 qualities of love?Share your comments

Express: Grab a pencil, some pastels or some markers and create a daily doodle on
love. Rest your mind gently on the idea of the natural expression of
love and let yourself draw whatever comes up. Relax, doodle and see
what emerges.
Share your artistic creations

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7 Responses to Qualities of LOVE

  1. Saurabh Gupta says:

    Qualities of Love:
    1) Love understands
    2) Love is non-judgmental
    3) Love cares
    4) Love is selfless
    5) Love doesn’t expect
    6) Love creates freedom
    7) Love listens
    8) Love gives
    9) Love forgives
    10) Love empowers

  2. Sunaina Gohil says:

    It is evident that love has a cornucopia of components.
    1. Love is empowering
    2. Love has the ability to heal
    3. Love is selfless
    4. Love is non-judgmental
    5. Love transcends through time
    6. Love is omniscient
    7. Love has no limits
    8. Love is forgiving
    9. Love is sacred
    10. Love is enlightening

  3. Sujna Gohil says:

    1) Love is friendship
    2) Love is joy
    3) Love is everlasting
    4) Love is valuable
    5) Love is a gift
    6) Love is enriching
    7) Love is one-of-a-kind
    8) Love is infinite
    9) Love is appreciated
    10) Love is spectacular

  4. Uma says:

    Youths in Malaysia had a discussion about this topic over om cafe, and here are the sharing by groups:

    10 qualities of Love:

    Group 1
    Honesty, Purity ,Forgiving, Tolerance, Sweetness,. Confident ,Positive , Peaceful, Lightness , Caring

    group 2
    Caring, Purity, Sweetness, Loyalty, Humble, Freedom, Forgiving, Appreciation, Flexible, Honesty

    group 3
    Caring, cheerful, Forgiving, Truthful, Sweetness, Surrender, Purity, Respect, Loyalty, Healing

    Group 4
    Caring, sweetness, Self confidence, positive, forgiving, honesty, co-operation, respect, happy, loyal

  5. Marina says:

    You have really interesting blog, keep up posting such informative posts!

  6. Danni says:

    Love can be many things..
    True love however, True love is simply unconditional..

  7. Hafisat says:

    Love is trust,respect,sincere,loyal,happy,caring,forgiving,non judgemental,cooperation,humble,most of all,the greatest commandment dat covers all other fruits of the spirit

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