Love brings Abundance in Life


Explore: Finding ways to love others can be one of the trickiest things in life. Why is it so difficult to maintain love in relationships with family, friends, and others? Share your comments

Express: Grab a pencil, some pastels or some markers and create a daily doodle on
love. Rest your mind gently on the idea of the natural expression of
love and let yourself draw whatever comes up. Relax, doodle and see
what emerges.
Share your artistic creations
Today I will SHINE my spotlight on…

Love brings Abundance in Life.

Love generates abundance. When I do things with love it creates abundance which generates appreciation and more love. Today let me do everything with love and appreciate the abundance this energy brings to my life.

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One Response to Love brings Abundance in Life

  1. I think difficulty comes when there are expectations… Expectations come when we feel that the other person can fill some part of ourselves which is empty… I think the more we love ourselves… as we are, who we are, and the more we are in love with that divine being… that unconditional source of love, all the emptiness will get removed, and we can naturally be a source of love… rather than becoming a sink of love…

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