Reservoir of Love


Explore: Today I will check how powerful my love is. Do I have enough of a ‘love reservoir’ that I can distribute love not only to those who love me in return, but to those who defame me as well?
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Reservoir of Love
We make time for things we love to do. When I say I don’t have enough time for something, I am really saying I don’t love it enough. When I remind myself of what I truly love I will find ways to make time for it. Today let me be a master of my life and make time for the things I love.

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4 Responses to Reservoir of Love

  1. Antoinette says:

    Checking how we interact with people is important because it helps us maintain a positive relationship with others. For me, when I be loving to everyone even if they aren’t so nice to me, I find that it prevents or stops any problems that might arise. Love is so powerful.

  2. shantanu says:

    peace can come only when LOVE is in each individuals eyes; heart n mind. pure love increases optimism; hope nfaith; zeel and courage; a love filled consciousness is a tolerant one and apt with the quality of actions….as with love; peace ; happiness; bliss n tolerance comes naturally…

    • Spotlight Values says:

      Dear Shantanu,

      Thanks for your comment. It is very inspiring.
      Please keep sharing more about Love whenever you feel like.

      With Spiritual Love,
      Spotlight Values

  3. Sujna Gohil says:

    As we overcome assumptions and judgmental behaviors, we will begin to learn how to grow a quick fondness of others. When this starts, our hearts will instantaneously find positive qualities in others, and we will love and admire these traits. As this process continues, we will naturally only see admirable attributes in our peers, and this will lead to a full, love reservoir. Additionally, as we fill this reservoir, we will soon see it overfill, meaning that we have enough love in our hearts to share with everyone, no matter how they feel about you.

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