Maintaining Self-Respect


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Purity means
Purity means ‘self-respect’. Where there is purity there is honesty, and where there is honesty there is self-respect. If I am honest in my actions, then I have the strength to maintain self-respect. I can be stable in victory or defeat, appreciation or insult. Often, we don’t give ourselves enough time to create something of ourselves, and so we lack self-respect. Today I will be honest and pure in my actions which gives the power to stay in self-respect, uninfluenced and uneffected by external situations.
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  1. Pallavi Gupta says:

    I recently attended an Om Cafe on the subject of purity in Queens, NY. As a warm up, each one in the group had to speak about one thing they liked about themselves and one thing they didn’t. I said something that I liked about myself, but it didn’t come from the heart. I have always wondered why I can’t see myself in a positive light, although my list for self-improvement is endless.

    Today, one thing came to mind. When I do something good or positive, I don’t pay attention to it. Could it be that pure actions just flow, and they are part of my original truth, so I don’t have to focus so much (“Oh, look I am doing something good”). However, all of us feel negative when we go against our pure qualities of love, truth etc. We know it doesn’t feel right.
    I have to explore this more, but this thought has been playing on my mind today.

    • Spotlight Values says:

      Very well said Pallavi! Your comment could be a great inspiration to many. Yes, sometimes we overlook at our own specialities and goodness. One of the main aspect that came up in the explorations of love was self-love. We were exploring that how important it is to have self-love in spite of defects. The way to find true love is to learn to extend love first to yourself. When there is love for the self, there is respect and happiness within; then respect for everyone else will follow.

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