Personal Experience about Om Cafe


The Om Café has been one of the extraordinary experiences of my life. A warm and comfortable gathering of people from different walks of their lives sharing their personal stories and situations gave a new outlook in how values play a crucial role in resolving many issues in our daily life. Definitely there has been a positive outcome being part of such a wonderful project as it created a venue to explore our own feelings, thoughts and how we incorporate these values in our surroundings. The exchange of ideas has helped me to reflect on my own actions and decide the alternative that serves the best interest of all. The values of love, peace, tolerance, acceptance, and respect have given me new lens on how I perceived things and how it can be changed to find joy and peace within myself. All in all, it has been a great opportunity to meet people from different arenas, and to listen to wonderful stories of success and overcoming their challenges because of the embedded values in them. I thoroughly enjoyed being part of a young, energetic, creative and talented youths and I hope to be part of many exciting events like the Om Cafe. I thank you all for making it a fun, enthusiastic and favorable for everyone to learn and grow. – By Komal Thapa, New York

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