Om Cafe on Friendship [Los Angeles]


Los Angeles center hosted the Om Café at the center on July 30th. The location was the new constructed backyard at the center with spacious and vibrating atmosphere. The young guests started gradually and were welcomed with some vibrant music and energetic Indian chai. The guests were some contacts of BKs who brought several of their friends.

Since the month of August is the month of Friendship , the topic of the Om café was exploring, experiencing and sharing the aspects of friendship. The evening started with Bro Vivek welcoming all the guests with his mix of love and humor. After the quick introductions, Bro Vivek took the guests into the appreciative inquiry based session on discussing the aspects of friendship. The first discussion was recognizing the friendship among other people and sharing the observation on what inspired one from others friendship …The values and beauty around it. The next discussion was exploring the aspects of the friendship with ones own friends and what makes the friendship tick. The guests were very enthusiastic and shared among each other their experiences of friendship. After the sessions some of the guests shared some of the stories which touched them . The Bro Vivek introduced some of the deeper concepts about the friendship and how the relationship of one with themselves effects the relationship with others.

Then Sr Priya took the next session and discussed the deeper aspects of the relationship with the self. It took them into deeper dimension of understanding their self and exploring the spiritual field where all the relationships take birth. She introduced the deeper meaning of the self and how to create friendship with everyone in the various forms of relationships one has externally and internally and how it creates the whole set of threads where one leads the life . The youth enjoyed the sessions they can relate to the various real life examples used during the discussion. She gave them interesting questions to explore the friendship with the self and others . Then the youth were led to a silent reflection on friendship and were asked to look at each other and hold their hands with that feeling of deep spiritual friendship, following it everyone tied friendship bands to each other. Even though the session went over time everyone was enjoying the wonderful vibes. Sr Hema ( who came specially for the Om Café) came and discussed about friendship and the importance of meditation in the friendship with the self. The session ended with some beautiful music full of wonderful voice and toil and blessings. After that the wonderful Indian dinner was served. Everyone enjoyed the dinner along with getting to know each other and making new friends in the true spirit of the occasion of Friendship!

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