Om Cafe on Non-violence on 20th August [Raje Academy, Satara, India]


On a nice and pleasant morning we were invited to host the Om café in Satara for the students of Raje Academy. These students are not ordinary ones but are ones who go on to become policemen and army men after graduating from this school; hence they serve and protect our society.

In total there were 300 students, 50 girls and the rest were boys. We started the session in the large classroom introducing to them about spotlight values and about the Om café there was a lot of curiosity surrounding this since this was something very new for them. We were given 3 classrooms in total so we allotted the girls to one room and we split the boys into 3 large groups, 2 groups moved to different rooms allotted to them.

After splitting the groups we began forming smaller groups, after which we gave them a task ie they had to name their own group and also find 3 common values which they have learnt from their parents, teachers and friends so far in life. So they really had a nice time going deeper and seeing their life in a flashback.

Each group had also been distributed their questions for non-violence which they began exploring, they found it relevant to explore non-violence since they would be doing a job in which violence plays a major role but how could they distinguish between when to use violence and when to not use it is what they learnt.

In the express phase each group was given a task due to the large size and time constraints rather than an open mic segment, this turned out to be a blessing in disguise as everyone knew what they were supposed to do. Some groups were asked to sing, dance, tell a story, and draw. This phase happened to be the one where everyone had a good time and more importantly these students got to showcase their inner creativity, since they come from a field which is more physical and completely different.

In the last phase in our own subgroups the participants exchanged their creativity and answers to the questions they had explored with everyone.

Sis. Nalini from Mira Society, Pune was our spiritual resource and she then spoke about the importance of non-violence. She spoke about how violence causes harm and distress in society and she gave special focus on its consequences. She then gave a commentary on non-violence for five minutes.

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