Om Café at CIT College, Abu Road on ‘Courage’


DATE: 17th Nov. 2011 TIME: 3:30 TO 5.30 PM
VENUE: CIT College.
PARTICIPANTS: 35 Engineering Students
Age group: 18 to 20

We began the program with 1min Silence

Introduction: The students were given introduction about Radio Madhuban and Spotlight Values through PPT and then brief introduction on the value ‘Courage’.

Ice Breaking Phase: Students were given 5min to introduce each other within the group and give a name to their group. They came out with very interesting names, viz. Life and Adventure, Harmony, Courage spreaders, Passion etc. Before they jump into explore phase we read Dadi Janki’s message on Courage.

Explore Phase:
In this phase the Students were given sets of two questions per table which they explored for about 10 minutes, and then each group shared the essence of their discussions with other groups. It was quite interesting to listening them because each group came up with some unique experience, although few groups’ experiences were very funny but they were adventurous. The harmony group has come out with nice poem on Courage.

Express phase:
Two of the groups chose to express the essence of their discussion using random objects and creating a story. And others loved to bring the child out in them by playing with colours and crayons. They were so involved in showing the courageous acts in the painting and making dramas.

Exchange Phase:
Each of the groups came up and presented their individual stories before the whole group. Though this concept of creating story with random objects on particular value was new to them but still they showed courage to do that and they came out with nice stories. The paintings of other groups were very inspiring, showing different dimensions of the value courage and the relation of other values with it.

At the end of the program all the students including the lecturers made promise, to practice this value in their life in a write manner by making hand impressions on a white cloth with colors. To remember this promise they were given handmade book marks with the message on it.

Students Feedback: ‘It was something new and different kind of experience.

All their paintings and commitments have been displayed on the walls of college canteen as it was their favorite place. All their discussions will be aired on Sunday in Spotlight Values Radio Show.

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