Om Café in Nigdi, Pune held on the Value of ’Respect’ on 13th Nov, 2011


The café was set and so was the music, as the participants entered they were really excited for us to get
the ball rolling!

What happens when you enter a Café???

A. We order drinks and perhaps food) that’s exactly how we began our menu included:

1) The Chocolate Shake (Choco Latte) – To our amazement 80% ordered this!

2) Cold Coffee – A few did order

3) Indian Masala Tea – Surprise of the day was that none of our young adult participants ordered this

4) Popcorn

5) Wafers

We then began introducing Spotlight Values, people were really excited to begin the explore phase in
their groups. Lots of wonderful points emerged about Respect; some felt that respect has to be earned
through our actions whereas there were some who felt to get Respect one has to give Respect.

After having a very deep discussion, we moved into the next phase of Express. This time due to the
large no. of participants we decided to allot each group a certain activity. The activities given were
challenging for the participants but it brought out the best of them creatively. The activities were;
Singing, storytelling, art, drama, story bag exercise, make a recipe on Respect, Dancing. The groups
really had a lot of fun and wanted more time to showcase more of their inner beauty.

We had a small introduction of the SV’s blog, and a 5 minute meditation commentary on the value of
Respect followed (done by Sis. Sharmila).

The evening ended with the participants taking a pledging to the value of Respect (check out the photos).


Mamta, Sharmila, Rahul and Naveen

Special thanks to our organizers- Sis. Meena, Sis. Sangita, Sis. Anu and most importantly Br. Mukul

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