Today I will SHINE my spotlight on…
Love in Action.

We are beings that naturally express love – as kindness, compassion, appreciation, and acceptance. Our well-being comes from our ability to express that love. Yet that energy has been blocked by fear, regret, worry and tension. Today, I give myself permission to let go of tension. in my body, mind & heart, I will feel the pure lightness that remains and delight in the natural flow of love that is always there.

Explore: When I start to release my fears about love, I begin to see that love is not about feeling it, but rather about just being it. Today, let me practice being loving with my self and others. What does this feel like?

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Express: Grab a pencil, some pastels or some markers and create a daily doodle on love. Rest your mind gently on the idea of the natural expression of love and let yourself draw whatever comes up. Relax, doodle and see what emerges.
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