Being Simple!


Today I will SHINE my spotlight on…
Today I will SHINE my spotlight on…

Purity means…
What is pure is simple. Today, I will bring the fresh feeling of purity into my mind by practicing simplicity. Before, I speak, act or think, I will ask myself two questions- “Is this thought, word, or action necessary right now? Is this thought, word or action meaningful and valuable?”. If the answer is “no”, let me gently let it go and stay close to pure simplicity. Let me use my energy only for what is essential and valuable to myself and the world.
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Express: Create a poem/art/music about what it would feel like to have a fresh and clean mind, a mind that is in its natural state of peace, joy and love.Share your artistic creations.

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One Response to Being Simple!

  1. Judi says:

    This is such a lovely thought today…very much something I have been thinking about. The term “simplicity” does indeed have that wonderful, pure, liberating fragrance of letting go of anything that is unnecessary, inefficient or degrading. Simplicity puts a brilliant ‘spotlight’ on the beauty of the self.

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