Youth Retreat Reports


Monday, June 25
Lakshmi Narayan Temple, Riverside – Summer Camp
Age group : 10 -13 years
Duration : 3 hours

A group of 17 teens were facilitated for a workshop on “Responsibility”. Brainstorming, Discussion was conducted among the kids to understand the importance of responsibility in life. They were also asked to write appreciation letters to parents. Finally Kids expressed their learnings through painting and drawing in posters in teamwork.

Saturday, July 21
Retreat place, Tijuana-Mexico.
Age group: 18-35 years
Duration: One day Retreat

A group 19 young adults gathered for a one day retreat of “Harmony in Relationships”. Various aspects of relationships issues were discussed and facilitated to discover their lost connection with themselves. Young adults were asked to introspect on their own virtues, specialties of the important people in their lives. Games and Activities also helped them to understand the practical appliance of the Godly knowledge.
“I loved the atmosphere and the careful attention to all subjects.”
“the opportunity to see inside of me.”
“the subject is pretty in my life..I think it was a great retreat.”

Tuesdays and Thursdays, July 2012
Gahr High School, Cerritos
Age group: 15-16 years
Duration: 1 hour session.

A group of 8 high school students attended the “Anger management series”. The course was desgined and conducted in a workshop manner. The sessions were interactive and the students were involved in brainstorming and asked often to discuss in groups. By the end of the course, the kids became more open and friendly with their classmates. Effects and Triggers of Anger, Solutions of Anger such as Tolerance, Forgiveness and Peace were covered.
“I was able to learn more about why I get angry”
“I liked how people were basically coming and opening to each other”
“it helps you relax and feel better. Our teacher was amazing, she did help me feel happy better”
“I had the opportunity to learn more about myself”

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