Love has become one of those words designated for cheesy movies and hallmark cards. Though it can be a cliche, it has sparked fascinating conversations among young adults and teens. As we’ve explored it depths, we’ve loosened it from the cage of cliche and revealed its many faces. The feeling of belonging that comes from love is one of the most sought after experiences on the planet. We all know the warm feeling that grows in the heart when gazing at a baby of any species, a heroic act that has saved someone’s life or when looking over at someone we truly care for as we quietly sing their praises in our mind. This feeling of love fills the soul with lightness, peace and meaning. When we feel it, all other desires dissolve and there is a sense that we have everything we need. It is what makes life worth living. It is what ensures the healthy survival of families, nations and the world.

The energy of love is as natural as oxygen and more than exploring how to create it, we must explore how to tap into it.  Like a resource buried beneath the ground, love has been hidden within beneath layers of fear, fast paced thinking, hurt, spiritual forgetfulness and materialism. For the sake of humanity and ourselves ,it is now time to unearth this treasure of the soul and use it to illuminate our world. We invite you to join us in a daily dialogue as we explore this value of love and its potential in our lives.

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