The youth wing of the Brahma Kumaris designs and facilitates retreats, conversations, workshops, activities and global projects that empower youth and young adults in three main ways:

1)     Inner Discovery: Through reflections, journaling, conversations, lectures, and service projects, we provide activities that allow us to tap our intrinsic goodness and discover the resources of talents and values within us.

2)     Positive Actions: Through our programs, we encourage each other to exercise the power to choose our daily thoughts, words and actions and to benefit from the self-respect that comes from decisions seeded by honesty, love, respect, courage, etc.

3)     Community: We create spaces where youth and young adults can share experiences and commune with others who are aspiring to be agents of change in their communities.

In this fragile world, the empowerment of youth is essential.  This empowerment can only happen when we realize we have something of value to give to the world.  Our programs enable youth to plug into their innate greatness so they can use their inner electricity to provide a current of love, hope, and compassion to the planet.

Our vision for “Spotlight Values” is that the main spotlight will fall on the potential within all of us so we can light up the world stage with hope and a new story of who we can be as a world family.

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