Offering dignity to everyone I meet.

I am able to do this when I value the deepest truth of those around me. I am able to do this when I look beyond good and bad and right and wrong. I will let go of narrow minded opinions and quick judgments. I will even let go of evaluating someone based on their actions and I will see to the deeper truth that each person is a soul, a spiritual being who is originally pure, peaceful, powerful, and eternal. I will remember that we are brothers and every living being deserves to be honored for the beauty that even they may have forgotten.

December 10th is the UN International Day of Human Rights.  Between now and the end of the year, we are issuing an invitation to youth, young adults, and emerging young leaders to participate with us in a season of experiments with values. We will begin in September by exploring the value of peace, in October by exploring Nonviolence and in November by we will explore Tolerance.

We will finish off the year by using the value of Dignity to explore Human Rights.

Dignity means I walk with calmness and confidence through any challenge, criticism, or situation. Like a king or queen convinced of their wealth and prosperity, I hold my head high. I am aware of my inner treasure of talents and special qualities. I know my strengths and weaknesses. When approaching a new task, dignity means I have faith in my own ability to learn new things and succeed. In the face of failure, I learn from that setback and move forward without getting upset. Dignity also means I acknowledge each person’s value and take time to see his or her special qualities and talents. I treat others with fairness, kindness and respect. With dignity, I have the power of self-love and the ability to know my own value even when others do not have the eyes to see my goodness.

- From the Spotlight Values Teen Facilitator Guide

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