Why:  In dedication to the UN International Year of Youth, the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (BKWSU) is proposing a year of exploration and learning to commemorate the UN days of peace, non-violence, tolerance and human rights.

The call: For youth and young adults to experiment with values in daily life.     

The intention: To inspire them to recognize their potential and to build inner capacity leading to new kinds of actions.                    

The aim: To shine a SPOTLIGHT on the youth’s potential to light up the world.

What:  We are issuing an invitation to today’s youth and young leaders globally to experiment with these four values (Peace in September, Non-violence in October, Tolerance in November, and Dignity (Human Rights) in December) via modern multimedia streams of expressions and to share their experiences with other participants from around the world.

Who:  We are seeking to invite world’s young camaraderie from all backgrounds, religion, ethnicity and faiths who are inspired to make positive change in their lives and are actively seeking to bring positive change to their communities and societies. The target ages are 13-17; 18-25; 26-35.

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