The Three Steps of Spotlight Values

Explore : Find a way to engage a deeper inner awareness of the month’s corresponding value. Talk with friends, have conversations with colleagues, or reflect together at an “Om Café” or an “Om Express” event. Spend time in nature and expand your creativity through activities that help you to relax and explore the value. Give new meaning to it and discover new ways of living the value in your daily life. Shine a spotlight on how the value shows up in yourself and works best in your community. Explore the value of the month outside of your comfort zone.

Express : Notice what experiences begin to emerge from inside of you and manifest around you during and after your exploration. Make a note of these experiences and express them through any means of multi‐media. Be imaginative: Take photos, produce movies, slideshows, or other forms of multi media presentations. Be artistic: paint, or draw the value, write essays, poems, stories, and plays featuring the value. Be inventive: create something new and show how the value can work practically by building relationships between strangers, neighbors, or a community. Write about it. Sing about it. Talk about it. Above all, express it and enjoy!

Exchange : Give visibility to your visions, artistic creations, and inventions by posting them on the Spotlight Values blog. Let your values speak to the times. Be part of the Spotlight Values Network, and exchange your pioneering insights and discoveries with others online. Let the best in you shine and be inspired by the brilliance in others.



PHASE 1: September – December 2010

Spotlight Values began with an invitation to today’s youth and young leaders in the Americas, between the ages of 13–35, to experiment with four values (Peace in September, Non-violence in October, Tolerance in November, and Dignity [of Human Rights] in December), using a three-step process of Explore, Express and Exchange. Participants share their experiences via modern multimedia streams of expression.

PHASE 2: January – June 2011

Spotlight Values crosses the borders to go worldwide. Youth and young adults around the world will choose the five values that have the potential to create a new story for humanity. Continuing with the process of explore, express, and exchange, young people will show how these values can lead to new kinds of actions that benefit their lives and their communities.

PHASE 3: July and August 2011

Collected multimedia forms of expression from Phases 1 and 2 will be displayed around the world, beginning with a gallery exhibit in New York City (July 2011).

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