Peace is the absence of war, but it has soooooo many faces.
Peace is listening instead of judging…
It’s reaching out to someone when it’s easier to walk on.
Peace is cooperation instead of competition.
It’s nurturing yourself instead of beating yourself up.
It’s choosing silence over a useless argument.
Peace is pure appreciation.
It’s seeing what’s right with another instead of what’s wrong.
Peace is when you realize you don’t have to oppose anyone.
You only need to find your inspiration to change a world that needs YOU.

Explore Peace… Sit in solitude or get together with friends and try the activities below to discover what peace means to you.

1) Write a song or rap about what the world would be like if everything and everyone was peaceful. Think about the power, potential, and joy that could come out of a peaceful world. Think about a world where everyone felt safe to be himself or herself.

2) Draw a picture or take a photo of a scene happening anywhere in the world that reminds you of peace. Let us know why and post it on the blog.

3) Think about what creates peace in relationships and in life. What could you do or think to bring more peace to loved ones, friends, and/or the world around you? Share your insights on the blog.

4) Get together with a few friends and create peace sculptures with your body. Think of three different poses that you could all make together that would embody peace. Come up with as many as possible. Share with us why each pose represents peace. Take pictures and post them on the blog.

5) Many people think peace is a boring state of stillness, but it is actually a power that gives me confidence, clarity, and more joy and love. Get together with friends and list ten ways that peace is powerful. Share with us on the blog.

6) Create a recipe for peace. What would the main ingredients of a peaceful life be. What would be the extra spices and seasonings, the little things you could do to bring peace to your life?

Post your recipe on the blog.

Express Peace…Take a photo that shows what peace means to you. Create a painting that embodies peace. Produce a peace movie. Write a peace poem. Share a story of a moment of peace. Let us know an innovative way you’re creating peace in your daily life. Film a peace dance. Be imaginative and share your discoveries about peace in a creative way on the Spotlight Values Blog.



Exchange Peace…. Spotlight your original ideas and let your multi media creations be seen on the world stage by posting them on the Spotlight Values blog.

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