What: For Phase 2 (February-June 2011) of Spotlight Values, we will explore the five values that youth and young adults worldwide voted on as the values that have the power to create a new story for humanity!

Who: We are seeking to invite teens from all over the world between the ages of 13–17 who are inspired to make positive changes in their lives and communities.

How: From February to June, we’ll explore those five values through creative activities and through an online exchanges between teens and young adults. Please see the links below to download activity ideas for exploring values with teens.

Phase 2 (February- June 2011)

Create an Om Express Event !
Phase 1 Facilitator Guide

Whether you’re a youth facilitator or a teen who would like to have fun exploring the value of the month with peers, we invite you to create an Om Express event.

The Om Express events are designed for teens. Although there is an element of conversation, the primary way to explore the values is through fun, creative activities that help bring the values to life. Please click here to download an activity guide.
Although phase 1 has passed, this guide is full of stories, activities and explorations that can be used by anyone who works with youth on a regular basis. However, the online posting of creative expressions and conversations on the blog will be related to the values we are exploring during Phase 2. Please click the book below to download your facilitator guide.

Recent Posts by Teens

Participants had the opportunity to express themselves through the drawing of a rainbow. The experience of a quality as an access point to becoming non-violent.
The water represents truth. The red means "being" - your soul being there. I never correlated the idea of being there as being warm - even passionate. It is a good state to be in that high state. The fire is meant to be purifying. It is interesting that to experience a quality is to experience my natural nature."
- Connie Ptak
Participants had the opportunity to express themselves through the drawing of a rainbow. The experience of a quality as an access point to become non-violent.
"I didn't know much about where rainbows originate, but I gave it a shot and I liked it. I wrote down that I can create another rainbow like this or a million rainbows at anytime. I gave the quality of being fiery - that is passionate."
- Zulekha Bawa
I was having a lovely chit chat with my 8 year old niece about peace. She was saying how much she likes to just sit quietly sometimes or simply hum a soft tune while playing with her dolls and so we started to create a peace space where she could go when things got chaotic around her. I was touched by the drawing my niece made. We were running errands together and she was very quiet in the back seat and would not allow me to look at what she was drawing. Later that evening she showed it to me and it brought on a wave of love and warmth and joy as it was her imagination of heaven-the gate leading to the heavens in the clouds.
- Sharda Geer
We interviewed random students and asked them their views and perceptions about peace. But before that, we showed them a short video presentation about peace. It's a compilation of different pictures that exemplify peace found on the internet. We also had our mobile board, and on it they wrote their different thoughts about the video and peace. We also gave them a bookmark that contains our thoughts about peace, which are expressed through a poem. We then made a video presentation that compiled every thing that we have done. (the pictures, bookmarks, random people's thoughts about peace, the poem) What inspired me to share this creation? It's a part of our art studies 2 final project, and also to be able to express our views about peace.
- Anjali B. Tarun
I together with my group mates attended the workshop of Brahma Kumaris at innersapace manila. we have learned a lot about meditation and being peaceful. Our art studies 2 class at University of the Philippines-Diliman inspired me to shared our creation.
- Christine Niro
Girlstories Theater is working together with a group of teens at the Pace Center for Girls. We are participating in Spotlight Values and exploring the values through storytelling, writing, conversations and creative exercises. What inspired me to share this creation? The beauty of their unique moments.
- Davis
A Peace Message…
- Sunaina Gohil
A Peace Message…
- Sujna Gohil
We search all around to find the missing peace…
Through valleys and flowing streams and above the sky high mountains…
Even in the beauty of nature…
Where is the missing Peace??
We try to see it in the fiery and sizzling personalities of others…
But with no luck we turn back empty handed. Still…
Where is the missing Peace?
The missing peace might be found inside ourselves…
A world in peace isn’t a world with absolutely no conflict…
But a world with peace is when peace is used in solutions…
To solve these tangling conflicts.
So…How long will it be before we find the missing Peace?
- Antoinette Hemlall
½ cup quality time with my kittens. (Being with animals relaxes me and makes the stress of the world feel far away.)
¼ cup gratitude and appreciation
1/3 cup of confidence and an “I can do this” attitude
½ cup of hugs from my mom and my dad
1/3 cup of just being in nature
1 tablespoon of making a friend smile
1 tablespoon of understanding
- Madeline Butler

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