Mandela Day Event at the UN (July 18, 2012)

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  1. Edgar Z. says:

    Hello this is the video that was presented in the event in NY if you would like to share it in the website. Have a beautiful day.

  2. j.i says:

    nice video….^_^ makes as shine launch…

  3. Anthony Adam V, Sy says:

    Nice videos! Please also see the video of our peace campaign:

  4. Please watch and support a Filipino youth specialized presentation.

  5. Gelli Anne Nonato says:
  6. Experience the power of pure and non-violent thoughts in transforming perceived problems into wonderful opportunities.

  7. Anne-Christelle says:

    Video presentation about Om Cafe – first Spotlight Values event about Peace in Montreal (Canada).

  8. Ranjan Bhai says:

    OM SHANTI – They are doing such a wonderful job, thanks to Navn Bhai

  9. Shalini says:

    OM Shanti,This is the amazing work they started for the younger generation.I am glad that I found this organization,I wish everyone should go and get the knowledge they are giving you free of cost.God bless them all.thank you.

  10. shantanu says:

    om shanti
    can anyone give me the complete post of the salam; shalom ; peace video here its only till 3minutes 10 seconds; where as i saw it here itself for 4 minutes or more ….anyone if have the full version do post it …achhaa
    om shanti

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