F.R.I.E.N.D.S = (F)ight for you. (R)espect you. (I)nvolve you. (E)ncourage you. (N)eed you. (D)eserve you. (S)ave you

- posted by Rahul, Young Adult (India)
(Inspiration: My friends !)


In the poem:

- The King represents Baba
- Little Boy represents when we were baby’s who were pure.
- The Knight represents us today
- The Dragon represents Maya

The poem is supposed to represent how baba helps us and give us everything we need to fight maya, but we, the children, need the courage to face her.

A small little boy,
Sees his poor village.

They worked hard every night and day,
In the bonds of slavery,
To a wicked dragon,
One that none dare dismay.

The little boy is first confused,
But then grows, and learns fear,
And he runs away,
Leaving everything that to him was most dear.

The boy grows strong until he is a knight,
And works for a kind king,
Who makes sure he is all right.

He tells the knight to go and help his village,
To serve humanity,
And stop the pillage.

But when the knight hears of this,
He shudders with fear.
For this was his very own,
Childhood scare.

The good King gives him a sword, armor, and a mighty horse.
He tells him to be safe,
And to help the world.

The knight hesitates when he reaches the dragon lair,
Filled with fear,
Ready to give up,
But then he does not.

He gains a power he never knew he had,
And feels powerful,
Trusting his king.

He reaches his sword,
And raises it mightily in the air!
And entered the dragon lair.

- posted by Natesh Sudarshan, Teen (NJ, USA)
(I was inspired to write this because, well, I like poetry, and it’s meaning could be one in which I could learn from, so I could be like the knight.)


Lighting strikes upon the water with an effervescence of color from which it came, with it’s sticking notation of light, pure and clean. It washed away all the energy upon the stream. The water bounces and moves with effortless innovation without hesitation of regret. It’s become open and real for all to witness, with open stillness and energy in the air. The strike that began with a flash of purity has gone and been witness for us to see, but will return one day for many more to see.

- posted by Daniel Neufeld, Young Adult (FL, USA)
(Our lesson was on purity this week. I pictured a lightning bolt hitting the water and spreading purity and light across the pond. I felt compelled to share my creation, because someone may benefit from them besides me.)


These presentations were made for a special activity in our BK Center, called “Multimedia Lecture”. These particular ones had the theme “Peace begins with you”. The Multimedia Lectures are the most successful activity of our Center, and their creation was inspired by the Spotlight Values. So, from September to December, we have used the monthly values of the project as themes of our lectures.

- posted by BK Tijuca Center, Young Leader (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)


I have been practicing non-violence especially in relationships. Violence is absence of peace. Being non-violent means to be peaceful no matter what happens. That is keeping your state of mind stable even when things go wrong, things don’t happen the way you want them to be, people around you making mistakes, speaking without sense, not understanding, etc. For me, peace means no questions, no confusions leading to total clarity and being content with what is happening.

Violence for me is reacting even in the mental/subtle level, that very thought which creates an uncomfortable feeling in you. Reactions in words are like speaking harshly, angrily, cutting off the conversation, proving the point, correcting others. Those words show the arrogance and ego in the self…
Read more>>

- posted by Padmapriya, Young Leader (Los Angeles, United States)


What is peace to me?
Peace is an absolute trust in the universe,
A sincerity which today we have almost forgotten.
The ability to bear one’s heart to the world
And not care what they think
Because, deep inside,
You’ve been accepted
By the one person with the power to do so.
Peace is the pull of the tide
And the draw of the moon
And the sound of the falling rain.
Peace is the look of one who sleeps
All worries gone until the new day.
Peace is the sound of a silent song
Heard by all the world.
Peace is the smile on a person’s face
When they finally have learned
That they are whole.
Peace is that delicate blend
Of silence and song,
Of motion and stillness
Of perfection and flaws,
And acceptance and hope
That drives our world.

- posted by Samantha Ramsay, Teen (Connecticut, United States)
I did this in one of the two ways I write poems. Usually, I just sit somewhere and write whatever inspires me, but sometimes I will think about a specific topic, and write my thoughts on it.This was one of those times. I simply decided to write on peace, and so it came.
I actually wrote this specifically for this movement, but I think the message I am trying to share is that peace is many things, and can conjure up different ideas for everyone. This poem attempts to convey some of the images that come to my mind when I think of peace – many different things that all have that same feeling of peace.


Life is about peace
War and destruction run the streets
Why can’t life be peace?

We can show love and peace
Why can’t love and peace run streets?
Life is about peace.
-J. Sweeney

This is how I implemented peacefulness into my day:
“Thought about the beach.”
“Gave it a chance.”
“Kick back and relaxed, beachside style.”
“I thought of going home.”
“I did some goals.”

- posted by Cheetah Gentlemen


Attended Spotlight Values cafe at Peace Village
This was one of the exercises and it reminded me how I connect with source. The ocean has always been a body of energy that is very healing to me so this is what came up for me.
The movement of the ocean…
Free to expand….
I am enveloped by Eternity.  — posted by Michelle


Step back from the scene of the life and reflect on peace

– After attending the Spotlight Values cafe on Saturday Sep 18, at the Peace Village Learning and Retreat Center, I left for New York city to be at a Spotlight Values gathering of young Indian professionals in Great Neck, Long Island. Normally, it takes two and a half hours to get to Great Neck from Peace Village, but that weekend the traffic was heavy and there was no way I was going to reach on time.  I was aware that I will not be on time to organize things for the event, but also at the same time consciously made a choice to explore peace rather than being anxious. I stepped back from the scene and started to reflect on peace…Few moments later, I grabbed a pen and a paper from my bag and expressed my feelings of peace in the form of Haiku! Here is it:

Found a great safe ride
Feeling calm and comfortable
Destination is close                            — Posted by Madhavi Patale, New York


Find the Missing Peace

(by Antoinette Hemlall)

We search all around to find the missing peace…

Through valleys and flowing streams and above the sky high mountains…

Even in the beauty of nature…

Where is the missing Peace??

We try to see it in the fiery and sizzling personalities of others…

But with no luck we turn back empty handed. Still…

Where is the missing Peace?

The missing peace might be found inside ourselves…

A world in peace isn’t a world with absolutely no conflict…

But a world with peace is when peace is used in solutions…

To solve these tangling conflicts.

So…How long will it be before we find the missing Peace?


My Recipe for a Peaceful Life

(by Madeline Butler)

½ cup quality time with my kittens. (Being with animals relaxes me and makes the stress of the world feel far away.)

¼ cup gratitude and appreciation

1/3 cup of confidence and an “I can do this” attitude

½ cup of hugs from my mom and my dad

1/3 cup of just being in nature

1 tablespoon of making a friend smile

1 tablespoon of understanding


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  2. Colleen E. Mitchell says:

    The following haiku was inspired by watching the sunrise over the Catskill mountains east of Peace Village. It was an experience that brought a feeling peace and solace time and time again…
    Warm morning beauty
    She feels with an open heart
    Destiny is done.

    A good friend shared the following haiku on the theme of peace. He was playing a fairly intense game of soccer — he played exceptionally well that day. After the game though, he found that he had lost his keys and became really upset. He stopped and had the thought to “trust God.” At that moment, he looked down and saw the keys right there between his feet. (A great story told by him; with a fun haiku…)
    Proud to have my key
    Soccer master – lost my key
    Trust God … there it is.

    • Colleen E. Mitchell says:

      Please write when you edit:

      It was an experience that brought a feeling of peace and solace time and time again…

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