Looking for a way to become a seed for real change in the world?

Whether you’re between the ages of 13-35 or a leader in your community working with youth and young adults, there are multiple ways to plug into the Spotlight Values initiative. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Explore For Yourself: Explore each value for yourself and create a multimedia/art piece that illustrates what you have discovered about the value (video, poem, sketch, photograph, illustration, etc.).Then, share it with the world by posting it on our blog at www.spotlightvalues.org
  • Talk to Others: Get together with friends to talk about the values. Create something as a group and then share it on our blog.
  • Organize An Event: Invite someone from your local Spotlight Values team to come your youth organization to conduct activities with the values. You can check if there is someone in your area by emailing us at spotlightvalues@bkun.org
  • Use Our Curriculum: Download our facilitator guide (full of awesome activities) from our blog and organize activities with youth and young adults at your organization
  • Raise Public Awareness: Spread the word about the Spotlight Values project and the UN International Year of Youth (http://social.un.org/youthyear/) through social networking tools and by sharing with teens and young adults you come across in your daily life.

If you have any questions or any other creative ways we can use Spotlight Values, you can reach us at spotlightvalues@bkun.org or 718.565.5133

Invitation Templates

If you are interested in holding an Om Cafe event, or a Spotlight Values event, these invitation templates might be useful !


— Recent Posts —

“Salaam, Shalom, Peace” composed by Venus Jones
- posted by Venus Jones
Peace Dance by Edgar Zendejas
This video was a meditation.  I clearly saw the link of us as a soul and the direction that we give to the body. Mastering the body has been my aim as a dancer and as a choreographer creation is a language from the soul into this plane. I felt a strong inspiration guided by the higher source where the making of this video was a picture of a cyclic path. I gave it a beginning  tours an end but just as an example. The retrogression of the movement gives the idea to me of always going back to the source.          – posted by Edgar Zendejas
This shadow piece was created with a beautiful dancer and friend, Nikita Carter. For me, true peace comes when I allow myself to step away from the roles I play and from the world of the obvious, when I allow myself to enter into the idea of peace, observe it, discover ways to share it, experience it and radiate the feeling of peace. Just a few moments of exploring peace creates a powerful impact. Even when I return to the world, those few moments of peace change the way I see everything. This experience is what inspired “The Door” for us.
- posted by Bebe Butler
This video is inspirational and motivating. It is peace, non-violence and dignity in action.
- posted by Colleen Mitchell
Step back from the scene of the life and reflect on peaceSpotlight Values cafe on Saturday Sep 18, at the Peace Village Learning and Retreat Center, I left for New York city to be at a Spotlight Values gathering of young Indian professionals in Great Nec, Long Island. Normally, it takes two and a half hours to get to Great Neck from Peace Village, but that weekend the traffic was heavy and there was no way I was going to reach on time. I was aware that I will not be on time to organize things for the event, but also at the same time consciously made a choice to explore peace rather than being anxious. I stepped back from the scene and started to reflect on peace…Few moments later, I grabbed a pen and a paper from my bag and expressed my feelings of peace in the form of Haiku! Here is it:
Found a great safe ride
Feeling calm and comfortable
Destination is close
- posted by Madhavi Patale, New York
Capturing the tanquillity in the atmosphere by taking a pictureA cozy and quiet afternoon. My mom is relaxing in the sofa. She came all the way from France to visit me. I am happy she feels comfortable and relax. In this quiet atmosphere I am gazing at the flower arrangement. I feel content and peaceful.- posted by Anne-Christelle, Montreal
This is a beautiful picture of the Hancock Sunrise posted by Dan Schneider

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  1. I would like to attend the Sept. 1st event at SVA. Please confirm that there is room for me. Thanks.

  2. This video is inspirational and motivating. It is peace, non-violence and dignity in action.