Looking for a way to become a seed for real change in the world?

Whether you’re between the ages of 13-35 or a leader in your community working with youth and young adults, there are multiple ways to plug into the Spotlight Values initiative. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Explore For Yourself: Explore each value for yourself and create a multimedia/art piece that illustrates what you have discovered about the value (video, poem, sketch, photograph, illustration, etc.).Then, share it with the world by posting it on our blog at www.spotlightvalues.org
  • Talk to Others: Get together with friends to talk about the values. Create something as a group and then share it on our blog.
  • Organize An Event: Invite someone from your local Spotlight Values team to come your youth organization to conduct activities with the values. You can check if there is someone in your area by emailing us at spotlightvalues@bkun.org
  • Use Our Curriculum: Download our facilitator guide (full of awesome activities) from our blog and organize activities with youth and young adults at your organization
  • Raise Public Awareness: Spread the word about the Spotlight Values project and the UN International Year of Youth (http://social.un.org/youthyear/) through social networking tools and by sharing with teens and young adults you come across in your daily life.

If you have any questions or any other creative ways we can use Spotlight Values, you can reach us at spotlightvalues@bkun.org or 718.565.5133

Invitation Templates

If you are interested in holding an Om Cafe event, or a Spotlight Values event, these invitation templates might be useful !


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Art of FoldingThe project was inspired by the story of Sadako Sasaki, a Japanese girl victimized by the atomic bomb explosion in Hiroshima. Learning about an old legend, she folded a thousand cranes to wish peace in the world so that no more children will suffer the way she did.
- posted by Matt Alcanzaren
Finding my inner peace
- posted by Bea Suarez
This week, I’ve been experimenting with peace by spending the early morning just shedding the layers of roles, to do lists, thoughts of the future, etc…just letting go and getting back to the simplicity of the true self. This experience has helped me open up to the sweet and nourishing energy of God. The haiku seemed like the perfect way to capture these morning moments.
- posted by Davis


Me and my groupmates in a class had a peace campaign in our university. We also tried to seek inner peace within ourselves and helped others do the same– by Anthony Adams V.Sy

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